Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Jon Wayne Academy For Technical Excellence?

Jon Wayne Academy is San Antonio's premiere HVAC training facility.  Our primary purpose is to provide San Antonio and surrounding areas with top notch HVAC training.  Our primary training program teaches a student everything they need to know to become a qualified entry-level installation technician.  We also offer shorter training programs that cover A/C Mechanical, A/C Electrical and Proper Installation Practices for those who are only interested in those aspects of the industry.  To learn more about all the courses we offer, see our Course Outline.


What kind of person is Jon Wayne Academy beneficial for?

Our curriculum is ideal for many different people.  It can be ideal for those just graduating high school and who want to get started in a new career field right away.  It is helpful to those who may already work for a HVAC contractor or building company and who would like to learn the HVAC trade more fully.

Our training is also beneficial to those who manage large properties where maintenance of HVAC equipment is regularly needed (ie. apartment complexes).  We have also had students who were retired and just wanted to learn how heating and air conditioning works.

Our classes can also be helpful for those who already have an education or experience in another profession but want to move into a trade that is more reliable and in demand regardless of where the economy is headed.


What previous experience is required to attend the Academy?

None.  We take students who do not have any real world experience whatsoever.  This includes those coming straight out of high school.  We do require that each student be able to read and write and follow the course material.


What kind of job can I get after I graduate?

At the end of this course the student will be ready for job opportunities in the residential HVAC industry as well as some construction jobs and industrial service maintenance positions.  An ideal first job for our candidates is working as an entry level installation technician.


How far can a graduate advance in their career?

With the right attitude, a graduate can advance into a service technician running service calls alone within two years time.  It all depends on your attitude and willingness to learn.  Getting NATE certified and acquiring other certifications can also help you advance faster and earn better pay as well.


What is NATE Certification?

NATE stands for North American Technical Excellence.  They are the leading non-profit certification program for technicians in the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry and the only test supported by the entire industry.  Once you have graduated from Jon Wayne Academy you can begin preparing for NATE certification.  Visit the NATE website to learn more about this certification program.

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