Academy Policies


Requirements for Graduation

  1. Meet the attendance requirement of at least 75% of the course.
  2. Maintain at least a 70% academic average
  3. Complete the Hands on Performance Task List
  4. Meet all financial obligations to the school


Job Placement Assistance Policy

Upon graduating from Jon Wayne Academy For Technical Excellence, students will be given a digital resume which shows the student pictorially doing some of the tasks needed to be an entry level installation aid-conditioning technician.  Student will have access to a large network of air conditioning contractors.  We will help them make a list of contractors and set up interviews with the contractors for them.  Students will have learned the skills needed to be an entry-level installation technician as well as how to effectively communicate with others.  These will be their best tools for landing a job with an HVAC contractor.

Students will also be able to provide their prospective employers with a copy of their school transcript showing how they performed in each class module.


Conditions for Termination

A student may be terminated for the following reasons:

  1. Non-payment of tuition
  2. Violating safety rules
  3. Inappropriate conduct of violence that may be harmful to him/herself and/or others
  4. Repeated use of vulgar, profane or inappropriate language.  Because our time in class is short and very valuable and because these types of incidents disrupt he entire class and staff; re-admittance back to class will be on an individual basis after a meeting of the instructor and other faculty members.
  5. Failure to return at the appointed time for an approved leave of absence.
  6. Absence from class for more than 3 consecutive class days or absence for a total of 24 clock hours.

If a student is unable to complete the class, he/she will be given a chance to come to the next available session. If this is not an option, the state mandated refund would come into effect.

Failure to achieve an average of 70% on test scores may result in the termination if appropriate measures are not taken to bring up the grade. A student will be given the opportunity to attend Open Study Hall and get extra help on anything that needs he/she needs assistance with.


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